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So much to do

There are so much things to see and do when you come to Stockholm. Its a beautiful city to enjoy with the whole family.
Now in the autumn there is really beautiful  to go on one of the stockholm boat tours, it is so beautiful this time of the year and that is something for the whole family to enjoy.
I like to go n boat tours because it is a days trip and you don't have to go far and it does not have to cost so much. It is really great.
So that is something to do when the holidays ...

A new therapy.

Today the children have to stay at school till six o'clock in the evening. This is because they have an open house, in that case they will show all the parents what they have done this year and they will also perform with songs they have learned. To get some money for the whole class they are allowed to sell coffee, cakes and toys. With the money they have earned they can arrange a school trip. I go to the school at four o'clock to see what they have done this year but first I have to go to my ...